2021 Reflection Pt. II

Photo by: Vanessa Leanne “Saw this at the bookstore and, ironically, is one of the first pictures I took in summer…foreshadowing at its finest.”
Photo by: Vanessa Leanne “Sandy, Melancholy”
  • Since the finishing of my first script, I felt a bit confused; kind of like “now what?” I grew anxious. I soon began writing a second script that felt beyond impossible to make sense of; it was chaos to say the least. I soon began to lose passion for my writing, which didn’t feel too amazing and merely added onto the pile of negative emotion I was already enduring. Not too far behind followed losing my motivation to write as well.
Photo by: Vanessa Leanne
Photo by: Vanessa Leanne “Sustenance”



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Vanessa Leanne

Vanessa Leanne

Vanessa (n.): Writer, reader, & coffee enthusiast. A lover of 20th century poetry, abstract/contemporary art, & almond croissants at any given moment.